CDIS’s Chinese Language Department has worked closely with our sister schools from International Schools Consortium (ISC) to develop the ISC Chinese Language and Culture program. We recognize that the Chinese language is an increasingly important communication tool in the global community. Our Chinese curriculum provides a clear framework of lessons that challenge students at their level to speak, understand, read and write in Chinese, as well as understand and appreciate the many different aspects of Chinese culture and history.


Levels & Differentiation

CDIS students are placed in appropriate classes based on their language level. For Elementary school classes, grades 1 and 2 there are three levels and for grades 3 to 5, there are five levels. Our Middle School classes (grades 6 to 8) and high school classes (grades 9 to 12) are separated into six different levels each. The Chinese language teachers at CDIS create engaging activities that connect with the different learning styles of their students. Differentiation is also applied in relation to the students’ progress.