Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education (ECE) at CDIS includes programs for children from 0 – 6 years of age, specifically designed to offer developmentally appropriate education. The ECE is secured separately from the rest of the campus. This enables us to provide a play and learning environment for our children that is safe and secure. Our classes are small and usually have 10-18 students each, depending on the grade. With an Early Childhood teacher and a co-teacher in each class, much individualized attention can be given to each child’s needs.

For students from ages 3 to 6, these early years are critical in developing their oral language and social skills. An early emphasis on the development of oral language gives children an expanded vocabulary, better verbal fluency, and higher reading comprehension at a later age. At the same time, we work daily to build your child’s character and social skills through the teaching of values and values-based programs that are integrated throughout our ECE program (including an anti-bullying plan). Our goal is to build a foundation for learning that will last a lifetime.


We offer a special time for parents and children, 0- to 3-years-old, to come and enjoy playing and learning together. This program is designed to help these little ones acclimate to learning in a school setting, so the transition to the next level will be smooth and natural. This program is offered once a week at no cost to parents.



Our Foundations Program is for children who are at least 3-years-old. This program emphasizes quality literature and storytelling throughout the year. Children grow
 in an oral language-rich environment and are given opportunities to explore and discover through play. Our 3-year-olds have an enriching experience that integrates math, science, and reading at a developmentally appropriate level. Our Foundations students also enjoy participating in fine arts activities such as music, art, and physical education.



Our Pre-Kindergarten Program is for children who are
 at least 4-years-old. In Pre-Kindergarten, we teach a developmentally appropriate curriculum that emphasizes quality literature. Our students continue to grow in oral language skills and social development. Children spend part of their day learning oral language skills through play and singing, and part of their day gaining academic skills in reading, math, and science through enriching activities and creative expression. Their day also includes developing in specialty areas such as music, art, physical education, and Mandarin Chinese. Our Pre-Kindergarten students receive Mandarin lessons each day.



Kindergarten continues oral language development and emphasizes academic skills that are developmentally appropriate. Our Kindergarten is for children who are at least 5-years-old. We use scientifically based curriculum that emphasizes best teaching practices in language arts, reading, math, and science. Our Kindergarten students also participate in Mandarin Chinese lessons each day and explore the world of art, music, and physical education throughout the week. Our program is designed to develop the whole child through academics, fine arts, and character building.

1st Grade

1st Grade is a transitional year for students. First graders are 6-years-old by September 1st of the year they’re enrolled. Our first graders are housed on the first floor where they are in the safety of our secured area. First grade is the time when students begin to be more independent and the academic content of what they are learning begins to increase in difficulty. Students continue to grow in the areas of academics, character, and fine arts. As they progress throughout the school year, they prepare in each area to move up to 2nd grade.



Fine Arts

Art is an important part of our ECE curriculum. In addition to expressing creativity, new skills are taught in these classes and fine-motor skills are refined. Music classes give students an outlet for using and improving their musical talents and developing their skills.

several outdoor play areas

Physical Education

Our PE program is focused on building a foundation of teamwork, dedication, and discipline. In addition to character development, through regular practice and exercise, the fine-motor and gross-motor development of our youngest students is enhanced.

After School Activities

Each ECE school day offers many different creative learning and play activities throughout the day. In order to give students adequate time each day to spend time with their families, engage in unstructured play, and rest after a busy day of learning, CDIS’s ECE does not offer after school activities.