Mastery of the English language is crucial for each student to be successful at an international school. To determine the level of English language support needed, all non-native English-speaking students are tested for English during the admissions process. The English Language Learners (ELL) Program develops individual learning plans for non-native English speakers from Grade 1 – Grade 8 according to the English language needs of each individual student. The ELL Program is a continuum extending from intensive English instruction to structured English Language support as the student transitions into the regular classroom. Through close interaction with parents and CDIS Staff, ELL teachers provide students with help in all areas of language acquisition (listening, speaking, reading and writing) in order to reach a high level of English language proficiency and achieve full participation in CDIS curricula. CDIS does not provide ELL support in High School.

Elementary English Support program

We offer English as a Second Language (ESL) classes for our English Language Learners. These students receive intense English language lessons from language specialists.  We use Our World by National Geographic as our ESL curriculum.  Students are placed according to their own level of need based on individualized testing.

Middle School English Support program

CDIS Middle School includes grades 6 to 8. Our MS ELL Department provides two tracks to meet the needs of students whose English level is below their grade level.  Placement is based on standardized English proficiency test results.

IEC track – Intensive English Curriculum

IEC is a full-day track designed for students with none to limited English skills. Students in the IEC track receive the majority of their classes in the ELL department, up to six periods a day. IEC has 3 levels:

  • IEC 1 is for students who have little to no English reading and writing ability. This level starts with the bare basics.
  • IEC 2 is for students who have completed IEC 1 or new students whose level of English is similar. Students in this level receive intermediate level English instruction.
  • IEC 3 is for students who have completed IEC 2 or new students whose level of English is similar. Students in this level receive high intermediate level English instruction.

EEL track – Emerging English Learning

For students who test within 2 grade levels below their intended grade level, EEL placement is considered. Students in the EEL level are at an advanced level and receive 2 English support classes a day with the purpose of helping them build their skills in order to join the mainstream classroom.