Athletics 2-5-21

Hello CDIS,

It has been a crazy season in athletics. We have closely monitored the situation hoping that we would have returned to a normal sports season by now. Every week it seems like some new piece of info offers hope or takes it away.

In spite of this the students have done a great job keeping positive even as they realize their athletic hopes are not to be. Because of this chaos, I have decided that we will not have cuts in season three. As we close up this season and begin High School Soccer and Middle School Basketball we will get as many students involved as possible and form multiple teams so we can have some competition right from the beginning. It the regulations change and we can rejoin CISA or the ISC tournament, we will simply shift gears and put a team together from everyone involved.

I know this shift will disappoint some of our serious athletes. This is the best decision we can make in the current circumstances. If things change we will simple shift gears with them. Permission slips were handed out this week and given to students at lunch. Further details will be on the permission slip cover letter. If for some reason your student does not get the form and still wants to participate, they can still pick a form up after the break.

Thanks so much for your continued support of CDIS and specifically the athletics program.

Go Pandas!

Rocky Hawkins
CDIS Athletic Director