Panda Notes 10-17-22

General Announcement

Picture Day is coming!

Portrait pictures for Yearbook will be taken November 1-2.

The CDIS Bookworm Reading Incentive Program
We want our students to read more so they can grow in their knowledge and skills. At CDIS, we are all a bunch of bookworms!

How do students participate?

  1. Students read a book
  2. Fill out a book tag for their grade level
  3. Return the tag to the library

Which books count?
All books count! Paper, digital, from the library, from your home. Books in home language, 2nd language, or CDIS community language (English). Books read in small groups, class read aloud, or listened to.

Are there prizes?
The class with the most pages read will receive the satisfaction of knowing they have made a great accomplishment AND a gift from the library.

This reading incentive program will last through Quarter 2. In the spring, be on the lookout as we launch new programs to engage our students in library services! Thank you again for encouraging literacy at CDIS through our literacy programs!

Ms. Zheng and Ms. Li


CDIS will celebrate International Day on Friday, October 28th.
During the week, students will enjoy food from all around the week at lunch. On that day, we will have a special parade, performances, booths and activities at school. We encourage your child to dress in clothing that represents their home country and culture.

We apologize, but due to epidemic prevention, we are unable to have visitors and parents on campus for this day.

Dates To Remember

Dates Events
Oct 28 International Day/Fall Festival/Panda Spirit Day
Nov 11 Parent Teacher Conference Day