Panda Notes 10-7-20

General Announcement

  • As we continue to await the return of many of our families and teachers, and also keep health and safety a priority at CDIS, we will be delaying our StuCo. Fall Festival event originally scheduled for the end of October. At this time, we have plans to combine some of the fun of StuCo. Fall Festival with our annual International Day in the spring. We are hopeful that by this time many of our families will have return to Chengdu and that we will be able to better enjoy large group gatherings with outside vendors. Thank you for your understanding and patience at this time!

Dates to remember

Dates Events
Oct. 1-6 National Day Holiday (no school)
Oct. 1 Mid-Autumn Festival
Oct. 3 SAT
Oct. 10 ACT
Oct. 19 First Panda Playgroup
Oct. 19-30 MAP Growth tests
Oct. 23 Book Character Day