Middle School & High School 11-02-20

Hello Pandas!

It’s been a busy week on campus as quarter one comes to a close and we move into the next. We are excited to be welcoming more and more staff back to campus each week, as well as new and returning students.

On Wednesday, we were able to host Korean parents on campus to meet with iSC staff from various schools via Zoom on the topic of Korean Universities and what they need to know to support their students through the process. All high school students have access to this recording through the High School Canvas page.

Parent-Teacher Conferences are in a few weeks and we want to encourage all of you to attend, whether your student is doing well or struggling. Secondary conferences this year will be hosted in the gym rather than in teachers’ classrooms.

As you prepare for Parent-Teacher Conferences, we want to encourage you to meet with the teacher that has been the main instructor for your child. Teachers who have recently returned will be available for you to meet, but the teachers who have been in the classroom (or teaching via Zoom) will best be able to speak to your child’s progress at this time and next steps for growth.

Thank you so much for your support and for being a part of our CDIS community!

Ms. Teusink
Secondary Principal