Panda Notes 11-08-21

General Announcement

Collection of Green Codes

Keeping aware of risk areas and knowing travel throughout the city is key to ensuring your child’s safety.
Collection of green codes is twice a day and required by each student or family until further notice.
All green codes are updated at in Chengdu at 6 p.m.

Between the hours of 7 p.m. and before 11 p.m., please send a picture of your child’s green code or a picture of the parent’s green code to
Ms. Juno Deng (ECC and Elementary: or Ms. Linda Yang (Middle and High: each Sunday through Thursday evening.
In addition, please expect you or your child’s code to be pictured each morning before boarding the bus or entering the school grounds.

Dates to remember

Dates Events
November 19 Panda Day
November 25-26 iSC Education Conference/Student Holiday