Panda Notes 11-23-20

General Announcement

  • Hi parents!

    Our Elementary and ECC Christmas program is coming up on Friday, December 11 at 9 am and we hope you’ll come and join us! We’d like students to dress up a little bit for the concert and we need your help in choosing their clothes. Here’s what we’d like them to wear that day:

    1. Color options: red, green, black and white.
    2. Style: Cute, nice school clothes or formal dress clothes.
    3. Shoes: Black schoes or any nice dress shoes. No tennis shoes please!
    4. Not allowed: No sports clothes, tennis shoes, flip flops, or shorts.
  • Parents:
    Please note the following calendar change: Friday, January 22nd will be a half-day for students.
    January 22nd is the last day of the quarter and last day of semester 1. Students will dismiss from school at 11:30 am on this day and lunch will not be served. The afternoon will be used by teachers and staff for preparation for semester 2, which begins on Monday, January 25th. Thank you!
  • Need to check your child’s lunch fee balance and make a payment? You can now pay from home!
    Log in to your computer PowerSchool account, choose Balance from the left-hand navigation, and from there you can scan the QR code to make your payment and update your child’s lunch account. There’s no need to make a special trip to the school. You can pay from home! This feature is available through the desktop computer PowerSchool account. Sorry, but it’s not available on the mobile app at this time.

Dates to remember

Dates Events
Nov. 6 End of Quarter 1
Nov. 7 SAT
Nov. 9 Start of Quarter 2
Nov. 16-17 Parent-Teacher Conferences
Nov. 23-24 Picture Day
Dec. 4, 6:00 pm Secondary Christmas Concert
Dec. 11, 9:00 am Elementary Christmas Concert