Panda Notes 2-28-22

General Announcement

It’s time to order your school yearbook!

Please look for a paper to come home with your student or see below with instructions on how to order your yearbook for the 2021-2022 school year.


Calendar Change
March 8 will no longer be a staff PD day but a FULL school day for all students.


Blue - ECC
Yellow - High School
Red - Teachers
Green - Middle School
Orange- 4th-5th Grade
Pink - 1st-3rd Grade

Pink-1st-3rd is currently in the lead!

Friday, March 25th will be the end of the quarter, please continue to read and submit your slips to the library

Dates to remember

Dates Events
March 3-5 MUNISC
March 26 Solo and Ensemble
March 28 Start Q4
March 30 International Day
March 31-April 1 Parent Teacher Conferences