Panda Notes 3-21-22

General Announcement

Dear CDIS Parents:

Here are a few things you’ll need to note for the upcoming Spring Break:

Travel: With an increase of the Covid cases all over the country, CDIS highly suggests that you do not travel outside of Sichuan during this Spring Break. For anyone that travels outside the Sichuan province, you will be required to get a Covid test no more than 48 hours before your return to school. You will need to take the Covid test after 8:00 a.m. April 8th, and send the results to Linda Yang (Secondary) or Juno Deng (Elementary) before 8 p.m. on Sunday, April 10th .

Travel and health survey: On Wednesday, April 6th, you will receive a text/WeChat from the school with a link to a survey that must be completed before 11:00 a.m., Thursday, April 7th. On this survey you will need to answer basic questions about your travel over the break, your temperature over the break, and any symptoms. You will also certify on this form that if you’ve traveled outside the Sichuan province that you will be taking and submitting a Covid test, dated within 48 hours of the return to school.

Green Health code: Sunday, April 10th, you will need to resume sending your green health code to PowerApp. You do not have to send the code during the break.

Covid test: When return from Spring Break, all staff and students will continue with the weekly Covid test till otherwise noticed by the local authority.

It’s time to order your school yearbook!

Please look for a paper to come home with your student or see below with instructions on how to order your yearbook for the 2021-2022 school year.


Dates to Remember

Dates Events
March 26 Solo and Ensemble
March 28 Start Q4
March 30 International Day
March 31-April 1 Parent Teacher Conferences
April 2-10 Spring Break