Athletics 8-31-20


Greetings CDIS family and friends,

We have been working hard to figure out what athletics looks like this year in light of the restrictions placed on travel and interaction with other teams. We are hopeful that athletics will be back to normal by season two. For season one (High School Volleyball and Middle School Soccer) normal season games are canceled and tournament play is unlikely. I know this is a huge disappointment for those athletes involved in those sports and especially the High School Seniors who have invested years into the sport only to have their final chance to play competitively hijacked by the reality of the global pandemic. I am working closely with staff and students on campus to figure out what we might be able to put together as far as intermural sports so that our students have a chance to at least have fun and exercise. While this will not replace the competitive sports season we are losing, it will allow students to enjoy the sports and comradery that those seasons inspire.


Rocky Hawkins
CDIS Athletic Director