Panda Notes 9-06-21

General Announcement


Dear CDIS parents,

As you may know that at CDIS, we use an online learning management system called “Canvas”. To help you understand and use Canvas well, we want to share some helpful information here.
Canvas is an online learning management system that teachers have been using periodically in their classes. As a parent you will be able to find class schedules, supplementary resources and classroom newsletters conveniently linked into one location.
Canvas for Parents is a valuable tool to aid you in communication between the school and home while also staying current with your child’s progress at school. Please click the link below to download the instructions. Hope this helps! Thank you!

Canvas&PowerSchool Instructions-ENG.pdf
Canvas&PowerSchool Instructions-中文.pdf
Canvas&PowerSchool Instructions-한글.pdf

Dates to remember

Dates Events
Sept 11 ACT Exam
Sept 21 Mid-Autumn Festival
Sept 24 Secondary Fall Camp
Sept 24 Panda Day
Sept 25 Saturday Program (ECC/Elementary only)