Panda Notes 9-12-22

General Announcement

Parents, please note that:

  • We will continue with eLearning but inform you immediately when we are able to return to campus.
  • Remember to submit your Green Health Code to PowerApp daily, even on weekends. If your community office doesn’t require a daily Covid testing, you no longer need to submit the daily Covid testing result.
  • Continue to follow your community office guidelines for epidemic control.
    Scan this QR code and fill out our check-in survey and let us know how you’re doing.
    Let us know if you feel you need to connect to one of our school counselors.


Secondary students and parents, we value a great Fall Camp experience for our students and want to do that well this year. As we continue eLearning at present, even though we are hopeful to return to campus quickly, we are postponing our Secondary Fall Camp until after our October Holiday. Friday, September 30th will be a full day of classes.

Dates to Remember

Dates Events
Oct 1-9 National Holiday/Fall Break