Panda Notes 9-19-22

General Announcement

Dear parents, please note some important updates regarding our campus Covid prevention:
1. Items that need to be submitted
Please click here and refer to this file for a detailed list of the codes that need to be submitted.
According to the local authority’s requirements, all staff and students are asked to submit these items each Sunday before 12:00pm (noon), starting this weekend, September 25th. You only need to submit these codes once a week unless there’s an emergency request from the local authority.

2. New code uploading system
CDIS will NO longer use PowerApp as the health code uploading system. CDIS has designated one teacher to take care of your family regarding Covid codes collecting. The teacher will contact you via phone call first. He/she will then add your Wechat to send you an improved code uploading system. Please note that this designated teacher will only ask you to provide Covid-prevention related information and no personal information on WeChat. We hope this process will be of easier use by each family.

3. The teacher who is responsible for the code collecting is not necessarily your child’s classroom teacher, therefore, if you have questions regarding curriculums or school activities, please still reach out to the divisional principals, principal assistants or related departments via emails.
Thank you very much for your patience and support to help us maintain a safe school, we understand this is much work but appreciate your understanding and time!


Parents, as the Fall Break/National Holiday is coming soon, please make sure you read some important notes below:

· The Fall Break/National Holiday will be from Oct. 1st to Oct. 9th. Students should report to school on Monday, Oct. 10th.

· During the holiday, we highly suggest you not to travel outside of Chengdu. If your family does have travel plans, please inform the school by sending an email to the divisional principal assistance, Ms. Juno Deng or Ms. Linda Yang (ECC & Elementary:; Secondary (6th-12th grade): Please do not travel to any medium/high risk areas. Pay attention to the local Covid precautions and following the local community’s direction.

Dates to remember

Dates Events
Oct 1-9 National Holiday/Fall Break