Panda Notes 9-28-20

General Announcement

  • Parents:

    Fall break is October 1st through October 6th. CDIS would like to suggest to your family to travel within the Sichuan Province only during this time. If you are planning to travel outside of the Sichuan Province over the holiday, please let your divisional principal assistant know. We also suggest that all families maintain temperature recording once daily during the break.

    All families will be asked to resubmit the green QR Health Code after the fall break before returning to school on Wednesday, October 7th. Students without evidence of a green QR Health code will not be allowed to resume school on campus. Health Codes should be submitted via email on Tuesday, October 6th, to Juno Deng (ECC/Elementary) or Linda Yang (Secondary).

    Thank you for your help in keeping our school community healthy and well!

  • As we continue to await the return of many of our families and teachers, and also keep health and safety a priority at CDIS, we will be delaying our StuCo. Fall Festival event originally scheduled for the end of October. At this time, we have plans to combine some of the fun of StuCo. Fall Festival with our annual International Day in the spring. We are hopeful that by this time many of our families will have return to Chengdu and that we will be able to better enjoy large group gatherings with outside vendors. Thank you for your understanding and patience at this time!

Dates to remember

Dates Events
Oct. 1-6 National Day Holiday (no school)
Oct. 1 Mid-Autumn Festival
Oct. 3 SAT
Oct. 10 ACT
Oct. 19-30 MAP Growth tests
Oct. 23 Book Character Day