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If you are looking for an excellent early childhood to 12th grade international school education for your child, we are glad you have come to our website. CDIS has been operating in Chengdu for 20 years as the first accredited and licensed international school in the city. We have helped hundreds of students receive a top quality education to fulfill their academic potential with the opportunity to attend top universities all over the world.


CDIS is a community of teachers, staff, parents, and students dedicated to learning and committed to excellence. Our holistic approach to education focuses on academics, character, truth, and service. We work hard to prepare our students for the world they live in, as people of integrity, ability, and a desire to use their gifts for the benefit of others. Our staff is passionate about education, committed to serving the best interests of our students, and intentional about building a school community focused on strong relationships.


CDIS is a member of the International Schools Consortium (ISC), a network of quality international schools across China. With this network, our students have the opportunity to compete and collaborate with other schools in athletic competition, academic events, and fine arts activities, and our staff benefit from the professional development and curriculum support offered to all of our schools.


At CDIS we understand international education and the needs of global learners. We help students adjust to a new school environment and the challenges that come with making a cultural transition. We foster a strong community where everyone is welcome and made to feel part of the family. We prioritize safety and ensure that our students are well taken care of. We hope you will consider Chengdu International School as a safe place for your child’s learning needs.


Warm Regards,

Josh Keegan

Head Principal

Chengdu International School