Welcome to our website!

If you are browsing our website looking for an excellent international school education for your child, you have come to the right place. As the oldest international school in Chengdu and the first to be licensed and accredited, CDIS offers a first rate pre-K through 12th grade program for students from all over the world. We are part of the International Schools of China (ISC) consortium, which gives us access to technical and professional development support that helps us build a solid curriculum and provides our students with a rich network of competitive sports opportunities and fine arts activities. While this has undeniably helped us to develop the high quality program we are known for, our best feature, and the real reason to choose our school is our wonderful staff of qualified teachers who love their students and are passionate about what they teach.

At CDIS we understand international education and we know what your child needs when taking the big step into the unknown. We work with families as they navigate living in a new country, working in a new environment, and adjusting to a new school. Parent’s concern, to find a safe environment where their child can be challenged and make friends, is our concern. We know that living cross culturally is never easy, but it is also an amazing opportunity for your child. Not only does CDIS help new students to find their way and feel at home, our active parent organization also provides a great support for new families. It is our pleasure to help your child discover the advantages, embrace the transition and thrive. Equally important, we prepare them to be ready to return to their home country when the time comes.

Warm Regards,

Debbie-Sue Blanks

CDIS Head Principal