Child Safety and Protection


We believe every child has a right to be protected from harm and maltreatment and that everyone has a responsibility to support the protection of children. iSC works to provide an environment where students are safe from all forms of abuse and where students can get help if they experience harm.

We seek to do this through the following: safe recruitment practices; Child Safety Policies and Code of Conduct (see below); regular training in Child Safety for all our staff, volunteers, and students; and two staff members in each school who are designated the role of Child Safety Specialist. Our Child Safety Specialists raise awareness around Child Safety in the school and undertake extra training to be able to respond to any concerns raised. They can be contacted through

To raise a child safety concern with us, whether historic or current, you can email OR click the Raise a Concern button below.

Click and see our
Code of Conduct Form
Korean - Code of Conduct
Korean - Policy and Procedures

We will be adding further Child Safety resources to this page for you and your family in the months ahead.

Faith Yap
Director of Child Safety for iSC

Raise a concern

Raise a Child Safety concern with us, whether historic or current.


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