Middle School Program

Welcome to the Middle School division of CDIS.  Our Middle School program is designed to enrich and support students as they make the transition from Elementary School to High School.

Between the ages of 10 and 14, children experience tremendous physical, social, and cognitive growth.  While we are first and foremost an academic institution, we take great care to help students reach their full potential as their minds, bodies, and social circles expand.  Our classes and programs are designed in such a way as to allow students to work cooperatively, to problem-solve, to apply new learning, and to participate in a wide range of academic, artistic, and athletic endeavors.

Elective courses may include computers, digital media, art, drama, choral music, physical education, and foreign languages. Middle School at CDIS consists of Grades 6-8, with no more than about 20 students per class.

In addition to their academic lives, CDIS Middle School students participate in after-school activities, athletics, and service opportunities.  The Middle School Student Council plans social activities including dances and movie nights.



Core Curriculum

The fundamental emphasis of the middle school curriculum is on English, mathematics, Chinese, religious studies, social studies, and science. Middle School students will take a combination of life science, earth science, and physical science.

Student Support

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Co-curricular Activities


The art curriculum provides instruction and experiential education while teaching the elements of art and principles of design. Each student experiences art through a variety of media, techniques, and processes. All programs begin with the premise that each child can enjoy artistic expression and take pride in the work he or she creates. Program goals involve visual education and communication. Advanced students may also develop their own portfolios and gallery displays.



The CDIS music department consists of general music classes, beginning band, intermediate band, and choir for Middle School students.  Students get many opportunities to use their gifts and creativity through both singing and instrumental music.  We seek to offer each child a well-rounded music education at CDIS so that each student can build his or her musical abilities and creativity.  We also look forward to further expansion of the program and hope to create even more opportunities for CDIS students to make music.


During the school year our rigorous PE program provides students the opportunity to develop skills and explore sports and activities they may not have tried before such as swimming, badminton, or table tennis. Beyond our regular PE program, CDIS offers Middle School swimming, basketball, volleyball, and soccer to all qualifying students. CDIS is a member of CISA (Chengdu International Schools Association), ACAMIS (Association of China and Mongolia International Schools) and ISC (International Schools Consortium). CISA provides regular games and tournaments between the international schools in Chengdu. Our athletes also travel to other cities across China to participate in tournaments with other ISC or ACAMIS schools. Our well-guided sports programs provide opportunities for young men and women to gain important life skills by teaching them the value of good sportsmanship, teamwork, commitment, hard work and the importance of physical activity to support a healthy lifestyle.


The CDIS Theatre Arts program provides students with public speaking and performing arts skills. Both Middle and High School students are given an opportunity to be involved in large-scale productions. Through our productions students not only have an opportunity to perform but also gain experience with stage construction and setting, prop fabrication, costuming, hair and makeup, sound, lighting, special effects, publicity, house management, and a host of other skills.


The yearbook is produced by students and supervised by a faculty advisor. During yearbook class, students are exposed to advanced page design and photo enhancement software, acquire publication design skills, and learn the importance of responsibility, organization and time management. Those elements come together to create the CDIS Yearbook.

Community Service

CDIS has a long history of working on community service projects as a way to contribute positively to our community as well as to teach our students to be aware of the needs of others and to be world changers themselves. Over the years, our students have been involved in raising funds for various projects. We partner with Alpha Communities and Operation Blessing to financially support rural Chinese students so that they can complete their high school education and provide school lunches for other students who otherwise could not afford to eat. CDIS Secondary students are also involved in helping in a local orphanage and have the opportunity to go on yearly service trips to the Philippines, Cambodia, Inner Mongolia and Yunnan Province.

ISC Science Olympiad

In addition to laboratory exercises in science classes, CDIS students are given opportunities for independent research. Science Olympiad is a Middle School tournament that consists of team events. The events are balanced between the various disciplines of biology, earth science, chemistry, and physics. There is also a balance between events requiring knowledge of science facts, concepts, processes, skills and science applications.