The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) of Chengdu International School is a voluntary service organization managed by the parents and teachers of CDIS that works in support of the school. PTO is a great way to meet other parents and quickly become involved in your child’s school.

At a place like CDIS, where students, teachers, and administrators are always on the move, we feel it is particularly important to create a strong sense of community among our families. Your participation with PTO not only allows you to learn more about your child’s school environment, it gives you an immediate way to make new friends and learn about the different cultures represented at CDIS.

Members of the CDIS PTO can support activities without becoming officers or attending meetings on a full-time basis. We always need parents to help as volunteers with various activities or events throughout the year. You can also join us simply by serving as a room parent, and helping your child’s teacher as needed.

The PTO is led by an elected Committee that includes: the PTO president and VPs for Admin, Financial Affairs, Social Affairs, General Affairs, Relations officer, a VP Assistant and a Teacher Representative. Members of the Committee are elected one month before every academic year ends. PTO general meetings are held once a month and are open to all parents and teachers. We hope to see you there!