Dear Parents and Students,

You may have noticed that we have tightened up our security this year and implemented procedures that, while inconvenient at times, are designed to protect us. You might wonder why things have changed and perhaps might be inclined to think we’ve gone a bit overboard. Well, if you’re thinking this, you’re not alone. I often think this too, especially when Mr. Dorgelo chides me for not making one of my visitors sign in according to procedure. Even the ISC School Superintendent, Dr. Finnamore, who was here last week, had to sign in.

When Mr. Dorgelo and Mr. Ford remind me of the reasons for these procedures it makes me much more agreeable to following them, so I thought I’d share them with you. Firstly, we have to make sure that our gates are secure so that we don’t have any unwanted people enter our building. You might think that this doesn’t happen but unfortunately it does. Last month we had a small incident involving theft of property that has since caused us to increase the security of the side gate. Secondly, the gates must be secure so that students don’t leave without permission. This can and has happened when young children miss their parents and decide to walk home. Thirdly we should know who is in the building at all times. If there is a fire or an earthquake and we need to evacuate the building, then we need to be able to account for everyone, including parents who have just popped in to visit a teacher. That is why it is essential for anyone who hasn’t already been accounted for through morning attendance to sign in.

Lastly, based on recent school tragedies, the Chinese government views schools as vulnerable targets. I don’t believe we have anything to be afraid of, but we do need to mitigate risks and comply with local government regulations. Currently, we are not in full compliance but we are working on the list. We have lots of support from our local government who makes our security a high priority.

Please know that the security procedures are for the benefit of our CDIS family—students, parents and teachers—and they are not meant to make anyone feel unwelcome.

Ms. D. Blanks

Please find the contact information below:

Receptionist/General Inquiries

  • Anita Huang:
  • Elementary
  • Juno Deng:


  • Linda Yang:


  • Travis Miller:


  • Gin Dorgelo:


  • Janice Lu:

Parent Liaisons

  • Korean: Shinie Lee: or 6517-5228 ext. 2124
  • Japanese: Tang Hua: or call 6517-5228
  • Chinese
    • Elementary Juno Deng: or call 6517-5228
    • Secondary: Linda Yang: or call 6517-5228

Dear CDIS Parents,

It is hard to believe that we are already at the end of the month of November! The first semester is really going by fast! Thank you for all of your support for your child and CDIS during this very fast paced year!

The CISA Spelling Bee was held on November 17th. CDIS had 4 students represent the elementary school and 4 students represent middle school. All participants represented us well, and we are proud of each of them! In elementary, we had 3 students place in the top 10 out of 20 total participants. Josiah Callaham placed 4th, John Kim placed 5th, and Isaac Lim placed 6th. It was a tough competition, going for 25 rounds to claim a winner. In middle school, there was a total of 20 participants. Ben Fistonich placed 3rd! It took 14 rounds to declare a middle school winner. Way to go CDIS students!

Secondary students participated in the CDIS Poetry Slam this past Friday. It was a great turn-out and again, we are in awe of the talent that God has given so many of our students and staff!

This Saturday is the CIWC Holiday Bazaar held right here at CDIS! Tickets are 25 Yuan. We hope you will attend.

Please mark your calendars for the upcoming Thanksgiving break. CDIS will be closed on November 28th. However, those who are participating in the CISA Chess Tournament will compete on Saturday, November 29th. Information for those students was sent home earlier this week.

With Your Child in Mind,

Charlotte J. May

Elementary Principal

Josh Keegan

Secondary Principal

Brendan May

Secondary Vice-Principal

November 22

CIWC Holiday Bazaar at CDIS

November 28

Thanksgiving Holiday


November 29

CISA Chess (@QSI)

December 5

Secondary Christmas Program

December 6


December 12

Elementary Christmas Program

December 13


Thanksgiving Feast!

On Thursday, November 27th we will have an International Thanksgiving Feast right here at CDIS. If you would like to help serve at the feast, we welcome parents to come during your child’s lunch time.

Last Week, Vossler House had a special guest: House Namesake Greg Vossler himself! Mr. Vossler was here for a board meeting and took time out of his very busy schedule to meet and get a pic with “his” house.

Got a birthday coming up? Do you need a special way to say “I’m thinking of you”? Why not schedule a visit from CDIS’s Panda! For 50 RMB, the Panda will go to the classroom or office you designate, lead the class or staff in the birthday song, and take a picture with the birthday girl or boy! E-mail to schedule your visit with the Panda!

HS Volleyball

B. May/J. Yoder

8/28 @ LIS(16:20)

9/12 @ QSI(16:20)

9/18 vs LIS(15:45)

10/6 vs QS(16:20)

10/11 CISA Tournament @ LIS

10/23-25 ISC Trny @ Shenyang

MS Soccer

G. Longbotham/ S. Dwight

8/28 vs LIS(15:45)

9/12 vs QSI(16:20)

9/18 @ LIS(16:20)

9/20 vs CMIS(DBL- 9:00&10:30)

10/10 @ QSI(16:20)

10/18 CISA Trny @ LIS

11/7 ISC Trny @ Tianjin

Cross Country

P. Beverly/T. Yost

9/25 CISA Meet@ CMIS

10/11 ACAMIS Meet @ Zengcheng

10/27 HS/MS @ QSI

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