How do you define learning?  If you were near CDIS in the past few weeks you may have been challenged to rethink your traditional definition.  Seldom will you see students in straight rows, facing the board, and attending teacher lectures with passivity.  Instead you may have seen silly hats, students in pairs and groups bent in discussion over a science experiment, or even a whoop and holler as Vikings raided the halls.

In “education-speak” we would say at CDIS we give our students experiences that are developmentally appropriate.  Our goal is for all students to be actively engaged in the curriculum.  We want students to walk away from learning inquisitive and eager to learn just a little bit more, each and every day.  Seeing a child’s face light up at understanding and knowing the understanding is applied to everyday life experiences makes teaching and learning enjoyable and long lasting.

Oft-quoted Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me and I forget.  Teach me and I remember.  Involve me and I learn.”  While some may see it as non-traditional or different, we just call it learning!


Jennifer Birdsong, Elementary Principal



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Third Grade Vikings

The third graders in Ms. Yoder’s class have been studying a unit on Vikings in Social Studies class.  Last week the ‘Vikings of 3rd Grade’ stormed in to ‘pillage and raid’ the 2nd and 4th grades in a surprise attack.  Brandishing homemade weapons and sporting a variety of hilarious headgear, they captured Xiaoyue, a hostage taken from 4th grade in the raids!  What a way to make learning fun!


First Grade Sorting

A magically delicious time was had learning how to sort, make tally marks, and graph Lucky Charms for St. Patrick’s Day.


National English Honor Society Awesomeness


On March 4th we had an NEHS Writing Party

Although it was ½ day, these students stayed after to crank out some creative writing for our literary journal.

Non-NEHS members were also invited to join us for pizza lunch and writing.


NEHS School Visit

NEHS visited a local school on March 4th to teach English to 1st and 4th grade students there.

The students were so excited to have real foreigners come and teach them English.

The 1st grade class was so energetic and enthusiastic, so the NEHS members did last minute adjustments to their lesson plans to maximize the kid’s energy levels.

Over the past weekend, students from CDIS and 11 other international high schools in China strove for victory in the 2017 Intel Cup Sichuan Science Fair.

More than 40 projects submitted by over 70 of the brightest minds in the region were examined and judged by a panel of more than 15 judges, including science and math faculty from CDIS, other international schools, Intel Corporation, and Dr. Lei Peng of Sichuan University.

While none of this year’s three projects from CDIS advanced, they did earn the following honors:

Participant – Hayden Smith – “Choices and Morality”

Excellent – James Schuster and Joelle Ungos – “Bactericidal Effectiveness of Ultraviolet Radiation”


Excellent – Rachel Schuster – “Building a Model of an Artificial Pancreas”

Special thanks go to all of the CDIS volunteers in addition to the judges who made the logistics of this event possible.

By reflection on solutions to past problems, combined with a passion to continue to search out new solutions to current problems, these future leaders will produce a world better than it otherwise would have been.


A quick reminder that parent-teacher conferences are coming up on March 27th to 29th. Please take this opportunity to meet with your child’s teachers to partner together in their education. Information on how to sign up is attached.

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