I have always been a fan of Parent-Teacher Conferences, a time that is set aside to get to know parents better and partner with you all to better meet the needs of our students. When I first knew that I wanted to be a teacher, I was excited at the prospect of working with students all day and a just a bit terrified at the thought of occasionally interacting with parents.  I still remember my first round of Parent-Teacher Conferences, nervously shuffling papers as I waited for the first parents to arrive and hoping I would find the right things to say.  In minutes, I knew that my fears were unnecessary, because parents are amazing! Ever since, I’ve enjoyed both the easy and the difficult conversations with parents. When we are working together for a common goal (the education of students) and know that we are on the same team, there is nothing to fear.


Here at CDIS, I’m so thankful for all of our students, but I’m also thankful for our parents.  Thank you for sharing your children with us.  Thank you for being a critical piece in their educations and a powerful support as we all work together to help them learn and grow. Thank you for being a part of our school community!


Don’t forget, next week is Spring Break (April 1-9). I hope you find time during this vacation to enjoy some rest and relaxation with your family.  We’ll see you back here at school on April 10th!



Thank you for all that you do!


Rebekah Teusink, Middle School Principal



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Friday night was the opening of the 6th annual CISA art exhibition. It was held in Tai Ku Li in the WM Gallery, the students rose to the occasion by creating works that extended their skills and that were well suited to the context.

Elementary celebrated their learning of warm and cool colors with collaborative pieces that focused on jungle themes. The students learned about contemporary art and designed fun and playful work based off this.  Middle school have been busy with printmaking and displayed prints which entailed both drawing and carving skills and effective color relationships.   High schools work included acrylic painting, Chinese calligraphy ink, coffee & pen, oil and charcoal and mixed media.

The Arts department is very proud of all their students and the effort that went into preparing for this show. The show presents a good opportunity for our students and families to enjoy other student work and to share a commonality with all the international schools within Chengdu.  The gallery owners were so impressed with the quality and variety of work that they extended the exhibition to six days rather than only one weekend viewing time, so we are very grateful to Jennifer and Antonio of WM Gallery.

On behalf of the Art teachers, Miss Liu(Elementary), Mrs Tiang (middle) and myself, Mrs Bennett (High School) we would like to say many thanks to all who attended the show. It was heart warming to see so many parents, teachers, family and friends supporting the students and supporting the vibrant art culture developing in our school.


Spring Trips for Secondary are the week of May 22-26.  Some trips will leave on the 20th or 21st, so please keep an eye out for detailed information from your students’ homeroom teachers.


Secondary Parents – On April 18th from 2 to 3 p.m., we will have an “Introduction to Spring Trips” meeting in the CDIS Multi-Purpose Room. The purpose of this time is to share with you why we do Spring Trips and what you can expect from the school in the weeks leading up to (and during) Spring Trips.

Elementary will hold an Egg Hunt and special crafts on Thursday, April 13th, hosted by our PTO.  Students are encouraged to join in the fun and dress as a chick or bunny that morning.


ECE and elementary classes are now in the process of planning spring field trips.  Look for permission slips to come home in April for these during the day trips that will take place in May.  Permission slips will give details on location, dates and times, bussing, lunches, and any other information needed.  Permission slips should be signed and returned to the school by the date on the letter.


Boy’s Middle School Basketball 


I was very impressed with our team on Tuesday and the way we handled QSI. Our subs played a majority of the time and played an excellent game. I was super impressed with how they were able to shift as one defensive unit. This gives me as well as the other coaches hope that our future teams will be as great as our current and past ones. Thanks for your support! Go Pandas!


Girl’s Middle School Basketball 


The girls showed an impressive display on Monday against QSI with a final score of 14-8. The girls have showed a lot of growth over the past few weeks and continue to get better and better. They are looking forward to their next challenge Thursday against MIS.


Girl’s Varsity Soccer 


The girls had a challenge ahead of them this last Monday when they faced off against QSI for the first time this season. After a slow start the girls started to find their rhythm. The Panda’s put one in early on a penalty kick taken by Emma Koo. However, it wasn’t until late in the game when Rachel Schuster finished one from the left side, that the girls solidified their lead and guaranteed the win. The girls are starting to find their chemistry as a team and are looking forward to their next game.


Boy’s Varsity Soccer 


The boys continue their undefeated streak with a win against QSI on Monday. As the boys develop as a team they are slowly finding their rhythm together. The boys started the game with great movement, but were slow to finish the attack. However, with an incredible shot from defender Tim Christenson the whole tempo of the game changed. By the time it was over the score was 6-0 CDIS. The boys look forward to facing MIS once again this week!


CDIS Swimming

The CDIS swimmers headed to Leman International School on Tuesday for the CISA Swim Meet. It was a great day of competition with swimmers from both middle school and high school there to compete. We saw a number of first place ribbons from the CDIS team and over all thought the teams did fantastic. The level of competition goes up each year and CDIS is hanging with the best of them. Thank you to the parents that came out to help and support!


Go Pandas!

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