Admission Procedure


Step 1

Fill out and submit the online application: Application Form

Step 2

Our admissions office will contact you after we receive your applications. Then we may ask you to submit required documents and complete PowerSchool online enrollment. Required documents:

  1. Copies of applicant’s passport and visa/residence permit
  2. Copy of immunization record
  3. Teacher recommendations
    • ECC: Not needed
    • 1st-5th Grade: 1 teacher recommendation
    • 6th-12th Grade: 1 teacher recommendation+1 administrator recommendation
  4. Previous school record/transcript
    • ECC: No need.
    • 1st-5th Grade: transcripts of the past year
    • 6th-12th Grade: transcripts of the past two years
  5. Other documents as admissions teachers required.

Step 3

Make an appointment with the admissions office for an interview and/or a school test. Come to school for the interviews and tests.

  • ECC: Interviews required.
  • 1st -12th Grade: Non-native English speakers should demonstrate English fluency determined by a school-administered test.
  • 6th -12th Grade: All Secondary applicants are required to have Math tests.

Step 4

Admissions office will inform you of the result of admission within a week.

Step 5

Once your child is accepted, we will ask you to complete a Student Medical Report and get ready to start school classes.

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