Requirements + fees

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What you’ll get

Tuition at Chengdu International School includes all related costs to:

  • Instructional programming, curriculum, and classroom resources
  • Digital learning platforms
  • Supplemental technology tools and resources
  • Textbooks and related textbook resources
  • Library and health services
  • Transportation services (daily bussing to and from school)
  • Counseling services
  • Learning support services
  • English language services

Lunch fees are not included in the tuition fee. Lunch fees (currently 35 RMB/day) may be made through the school WeChat account or in cash to the school cashier.

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2023–24 academic year

Tuition fees

All tuition fees and costs are quoted in RMB.

Grade Annual fee
ECC Foundations, Jnr KG, KG 150,000
Elementary Grades 1–5 210,000
Middle School Grades 6–8 215,000
High School Grades 9–12 220,000
Enrollment processing fee (new students) 20,000
Enrollment processing fee (returning students) 10,000
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Entry requirements

As per Chinese law, we cannot admit children of Chinese citizens living in China unless one of the following conditions are met…

  • Where at least one parent holds a foreign passport and is legally working, visiting or studying in Chengdu. Tourist (L) visas are excluded.
  • Where the parents and the child all hold foreign passports, and the child lives in Chengdu with a legal guardian.
  • Where the parents have either a Hong Kong, Macau, or Taiwan residency permit and hold a Mainland Travel Permit (Hong Kong/Macau residents) or Return Permit (Taiwan residents). The parents should also have the required border control stamps as well as work and live in Chengdu.
  • Where at least one parent has a residency permit and proof that they have lived in the country of permanent residency for at least two years. The child will also be living with at least one parent or a legal guardian in Chengdu.
  • The child was born overseas, with a legal birth certificate and the passport of the country of birth.

In grades or programs for which there are more applications than spaces available, suitable applicants within the following categories may also be offered priority enrollment: Children of LifePlus staff; eligible siblings of a student already attending; students currently attending other LifePlus international schools; applicants who are returning LifePlus international school students; applicants with higher levels of English proficiency. Admissions decisions also balance our current student body English language learners and other relevant demographic factors to ensure we have a diverse community of students.

Waiting pool
If a student has passed the necessary admission requirements, but there is no space available, he/she may be placed in a waiting pool. This waiting pool is dissolved at the end of the school year and parents need to re-apply if they wish to be considered for enrollment for the following school year. We encourage parents to look for other educational options while their child is in the waiting pool.

If you’d like to talk to someone at Chengdu International School about our entry requirements, our Admissions office are always happy to help:

+86 (28) 6517-5228

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Money matters

Enrollment of new students is secured once payment of the new student’s admissions and enrollment processing fee is paid. New student admissions and enrollment processing fees are due at the time of enrollment.

Annual re-enrollment is secured once payment of the returning student’s processing fee is paid. Returning student processing fees are due at the time of re-enrollment or no later than June 1st.

Annual fees
We determine our tuition on an annual basis, which is assessed at the time of registration. It is payable in accordance with an approved payment plan. Late fees will be assessed where appropriate.

Late payments
Tuition payments are due according to the payment schedule shown on the school invoice (received via PowerSchool).

  • Payments more than five business days past due incur a 50 RMB late fee per business day.
  • Payments more than 30 days past due incur a 50 RMB late fee per business day and the student may be excluded from classes until payment is made.
  • School records, report cards, assessment reports, diplomas, and transcripts will be withheld for any outstanding tuition payments or other outstanding financial obligations.

Partial year tuition and fees
Tuition fees for the full quarter should be made according to the tuition schedule unless otherwise noted:

  • If a student starts prior to the midpoint of a quarter, a full quarter’s tuition will be charged.
  • If a student starts after the midpoint of the quarter, a half quarter’s tuition will be charged.
  • Students who graduate at the end of the first semester will be required to pay 75% of the tuition cost.

Tuition fees for the full quarter should be made according to the tuition schedule unless otherwise noted:

  • Enrollment and Re-enrollment fees are non-refundable.
  • If a student withdraws early, tuition will only be refunded for remaining full quarter(s) not attended. Refunds will not be issued for the current quarter for early withdrawals prior to, at, or after mid-quarter.
  • No portion of tuition shall be refunded for a student dismissed for expulsion or disciplinary reasons.
  • In the case where a student ceases attending school without following the formal withdrawal procedure, no refund will be given for days unattended.
  • In the event of an on-campus closure and the necessity for online learning, refunds will not be granted outside the definition of the stated withdrawal procedures and current refund policy.