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Our Elementary years give children the chance to explore the world with wonder, as they move, explore, create and learn together.

A warm welcome from our Principal

Elementary education is critical to academic success in later years. Our goal in elementary is to teach students not just content but to develop their passion for life-long learning. During their elementary years, we guide them in developing a solid foundation for academic excellence and character that will stay with them for the rest of their life.

Our Elementary program includes grades 1 to 5. The classrooms are purposely designed to create an environment where all students are working together on student-centered activities and projects. Our small class sizes allow for individualized attention when needed.

Our diverse student body brings many unique experiences, which is one reason our school is a powerful learning environment. As students learn from one another, they grow in the ability to accept and embrace those who may be different from them, yet have special gifts to share. We emphasize character building and how to respect one another through our character education program. We prepare students to realize their full potential in academics, character, truth and service.

Elise Mosher

Elementary Principal

Bringing the curriculum to life

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Language Arts

The primary goal of language arts instruction in the lower school is to inspire students to read for pleasure, learn new information, share their thoughts and feelings, and speak confidently and dynamically. To meet those goals, teachers in grades K–3 focus on reading skills that include print knowledge, alphabet awareness, phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, decoding, vocabulary, and fluency. In grades 4 and 5, reading instruction focuses on vocabulary development, fluency, and comprehension.

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Historical and Social Studies

A strong understanding of social studies and history is the foundation of well-informed, civic-minded citizens. Our 1-5 scope and sequence begins with exploring relationships that students have within their immediate circle of family, friends, teachers, and neighbors. Then students learn the basics of geography, economics, and citizenship in the context of expanding their view to include the local community.

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Just as children explore concentrically larger circles of community in social studies, the science curriculum teaches them to understand and appreciate the physical world around them. Students take part in engaging, hands-on investigation.

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K-5 math instruction and curriculum are carefully designed to allow students to connect with, build upon, and refine their mathematical understandings. Six content strands are at the core of instruction in all grade levels: number and numeration, operations and computation, data and chance, measurement and reference frames, geometry, patterns and functions, and algebra.

Our Elementary teaching team

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Mia Lee


debbie dougherty Learning Support staff at chengdu international school
Debbie Dougherty

Learning Support

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Chengdu International School is accredited by Cognia, the largest education improvement organization in the world—demonstrating our commitment to learners, teachers, leaders and communities.

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