Our campus

male students studying about chengdu international school computers in their classroom

Our campus was built to enhance learning. Every detail is intended to foster growth while maintaining a safe and secure learning environment.

Campus highlights

chengdu international school facilities complete with a library of many books


Our extensive library helps our students grow as effective communicators, critical researchers and problem-solvers. The range of books, online newspapers and magazines available to all our learners includes publications in Japanese, Chinese and Korean to support the rich knowledge our students are taught in the classroom.

chengdu international school campus a place for students to learn and grow


Our students stay connected with fast, reliable wi-fi access throughout the campus. But this doesn’t come at the expense of online safety: students sign up to our strict technology policies, we regularly monitor school networks, and we’ve put safety barriers in place to keep students protected. Our campus features two dedicated PC labs and one MAC lab, maintained by our dedicated IT team, whilst laptops and iPads are used in class to enhance lesson activities.

chengdu international school campus includes a cafeteria


What we eat impacts how we learn. To ensure our students eat and grow well, we offer delicious and nutritional meals freshly prepared by our dedicated team of professional chefs. To satisfy the tastes of our international staff and students, we serve up an euqally diverse cuisine—with a choice of both international and Chinese meals on offer every day.

chengdu international school facilities have many classrooms appropriate for learning

Learning spaces

Chengdu’s bright, colorful and welcoming classrooms are complemented by specialist areas for science, music, art and drama subjects. Our learners are encouraged to immerse themslves in everything our extensive library and media center has to offer, as well as to make the most of our iPads, digital cameras, video and audio recording equipment.