iSC 9 Qualities for Life

To transform from the inside out, we make 3 commitments to the students, families and the communities that surround us:
We are purposeful, truth-seekers, and truth-speakers.
We are connected, courageous, and compassionate in relationship to ourselves and each other.
We are engaged in humble, persistent service to the community and the world.

IN PRACTICE, every student LEARNS with... Every student LOVES with... Every student LEADS with...


  • I treat myself and every person with intrinsic value and purpose.
  • I strategically use the gifts and talents that I have to accomplish bigger purposes.
  • I look for deeper meaning and explanations and I am not content with appearances or easy answers


  • I investigate and explore by asking questions and critically thinking about the answers.
  • I am eager for authentic knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.
  • I refuse to let others do my thinking for me or cheat myself out of learning opportunities.


  • I can see and understand people, things, or situations clearly.
  • I use knowledge to make wise choices and judgments, speak the truth, and live with integrity.


  • I value people, and so I invest in communication, language learning, and understanding the cultures in which I live.
  • I collaborate effectively and respectfully with people from any culture.
  • I build and maintain healthy relationships with others in my lives.


  • I show empathy for others and look for ways to make a difference.
  • I listen carefully and think deeply to determine the best response or action.
  • I know how to speak perceptively about what I believe.


  • I take risks and boldly do what is best.
  • I am willing to ask questions and make mistakes.
  • I persist in thinking, inquiring, and discussing even in the presence of threat or fear.


  • I have an accurate picture of my abilities, thinking neither too highly or too lowly of myself.
  • I acknowledge my limitations and my need for help, as well as accept criticism and demonstrate a teachable spirit.
  • I demonstrate good sportsmanship.


  • I make available my gifts, talents, time, energy, and enthusiasm to serve the needs of those around me.
  • I show love towards the world around me by being a responsible caretaker of our resources.


  • I strive for excellence and practice diligence to get things right; I don’t give up.
  • I respectfully communicate until I am understood and question until I understand.
  • I approach challenges with tenacity, creativity and thinking.