Jacquelyn Standifird

I grew up and was educated San Diego, California, where it’s nearly always sunny but never too hot. I didn’t know what it meant to perspire until the summer of 2013 when I moved to Weihai, China to work in my first teaching position at a Korean international school. I enjoyed my life in Weihai where I never had to check the AQI, (thanks wind!), and could jog along the coast before heading off to work. At the end of two years I was convinced that I understood Korean better than Chinese, so I moved to Tianjin, China to work at another international school. In Tianjin I checked the AQI almost daily, (except when they hosted China’s National Games in 2017), and traded in my morning jogs for evening strolls around a park called Trash Mountain. Now that I’m in Chengdu, I’m excited to see green foliage year-round, and I won’t have to wear 3 to 5 layers of clothing this winter. When I’m not teaching students about ancient China or singing about the countries of the world in geography class, you can find me at home baking, at a local dance studio, or out and about town looking for some Korean snacks.

Jacquelyn  Standifird
Social Studies

B.A. in Human Development, University of California, San Diego