Kayla Liao

I was born in Taiwan into a family with a bit of a penchant for traveling and living all over the world. Little did I know that I would one day carry on the family tradition myself! After a few years in Taiwan, we moved back to the beautiful horse-and-buggy-filled farmlands of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA, where I spent the majority of my growing up years. As I was heading off to college in the USA, the rest of my family moved to Chengdu. My parents both worked here at CDIS, and my twin brothers both graduated from here as well. I feel blessed to now be living and working here myself. I love linguistics and thoroughly enjoy helping those who are bravely taking on the daunting task of learning the English language. I am encouraged by working with young ESL students and love watching their language ability improve so quickly thanks to their young, malleable minds.

Kayla Liao
Elementary ELS

B.A. in Spanish, Houghton College
B.A. in Intercultural Studies with a Concentration in TESOL, Houghton College
TESOL Certification through i-to-i TEFL