Kendall Nizza

I was born and raised in Michigan where I developed a love for the outdoors and spending time with my wonderful family! I am one of the youngest of many cousins. After high school, I went to Southeastern University in Florida where I earned my B.A. in English and Intercultural Studies. While I was in Florida, I taught English in the local community and enjoyed spending time learning about new cultures. During college, I spent time studying and teaching English in Europe, which further grew my love for teaching (and traveling!). After I graduated, I spent a few months teaching ELL courses at a local high school before moving to China to join the wonderful community and team at CDIS. I enjoy teaching and learning about new cultures and I am excited to be part of CDIS!

Kendall  Nizza
Secondary ELL

B.A. in English and Intercultural Studies, Southeastern University in Florida