Stanley Leong

G’Day, Hoi, nĭ hăo. I was born in Australia, which makes me an ABC (Australian Born Chinese). I’m married to a loving Dutch lady and have two wonderful TCKs (Third Culture Kids) boys aged 10 and 5. We hear English, Dutch and Chinese in our home! I came to CDIS in 2016 to teach 1st grade for a few weeks, then 2nd grade. I’m currently a Special Needs teacher for Elementary students. I’m enjoying that role as working one on one or in a small group gives me the chance to spend quality teaching time with the children. I especially enjoy teaching topics that they can carry through in their life. The children of CDIS bring a wealth of culture and knowledge not normally found in schools back home, so this has given me much insight into their lives as TCKs. Outside of school I enjoy time to read and drink coffee with my wife as we watch and listen to our sons interact with each other. Their imagination and what they can do with their toys impresses me immensely.

Stanley  Leong
2nd Grade Teacher

TESOL Diploma, Catholic University
Post Graduate Logistics, Macquarie Graduate School of Management
Computing Diploma, Metropolitan Business College
Accounting Certificate, Sydney TAFE